Envision Online's core values encourage strong community building through volunteering and charitable donations:

"Working for better communities benefits everyone. This means giving back to our local community through volunteering and donations. It means helping our earth by recycling, reusing and conserving whenever possible. It also means helping our online brothers and sisters across the web by giving back to the open source community."

Some of our contributions include:

  • Yearly Bronze-level sponsorship of the Ottawa Dragon Boat Race festival since 2008.
  • June 2011: Team participation in Alterna Saving's Do It For Dad benefit for The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.
  • November 2010: Team participation in the Preston Street Grape Stomp benefit for The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

Envision Online has given approximately $50,000 every year to charities since 1999 for our professional web design services in Ottawa and across Canada:


Arts Smarts

CBB Ottawa

Camp B'Nai Brith

YMCA Canada

YMCA Canada

YMCA Ottawa

Ottawa's YMCA-YWCA

Ryan's Well

Ryan's Well Foundation

Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Ottawa Regional
Cancer Foundation


Canadian National Christian Foundation

Hellenic Metting and Conference Centre

Hellenic Community Centre

Celebrity Sports Dinner

Celebrity Sports Dinner

Dragonheart Vermont

Dragonheart Vermont

Theatre Ontario

Theatre Ontario



…and many, many more!

Green at Heart

Envision Online goes Green whenever possible:

  • Coffee grounds, tea leaves, and food scraps get taken home and composted.
  • We've made a company-wide effort to reduce printing as much as we can, and wean ourselves from paper-centred systems. In a new initiative for 2011, iPads and other tablets help some of our staffers reduce note paper usage during meetings.
  • Rechargeable batteries power wireless devices like mice and keyboards.
  • When working with local clients, we try to reduce car emissions by holding meetings by phone or Skype.
  • Everything that can be recycled in Ottawa, is recycled: from paper to plastic to electronic equipment like old monitors.

Contributing To Our Online Communities

For over a decade, Envision has taken advantage of learning opportunities provided by all kinds of online communities. They've freely given great ideas, solved programming problems, offered business opportunities, and shared experiences. 2011 has seen the beginning of Envision's mandate to give back to these communities as often as possible:

  • Social Networks like Linked In and Twitter give Envision a chance to share interesting business information with colleagues
  • Community discussion forums allow Envision to share information with other web designers and web developers around the world