The year was 1999. Google had just launched, and Yahoo was still the search engine of choice. Using images on web sites was cutting edge, and most people used dial-up to access the Internet. YouTube was just an idea. Facebook was still 5 years away from changing how we use the web.

In September of that year, Envision was created on the idea that the web was the future of business.

Built on Innovation

Back then, most people had never heard of a Content Management System (CMS), and most business owners saw their web sites as online flyers at best. Software for business was limited to expensive cookie-cutter programs. Envision founder Todd Jamieson wanted to give entrepreneurs the ability to easily and affordably run their businesses from their web sites. Everyone - even non-technical people could become web publishers.

This goal became reality in January 2000, when we launched the Envision Web Panel - one of Ottawa's first CMS systems for businesses and associations.

The Envision Web Panel allowed hundreds of organizations in Ottawa to save thousands of dollars, and become instant webmasters with no technology training.

Other firsts soon followed, all centred around giving clients the ability to work with online technology without expert help. Before Google Analytics came along, our clients were using our Statistics tool to view and analyze the traffic on their sites. Our newsletter system allowed them to send out e-newsletters without having to know HTML.

Envision has continued in this spirit of innovation, creating custom CMS-driven web sites, e-stores, and web applications to help clients run all aspects of their businesses and organizations.

Let's make history!

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