You Can't Get Experience in School

You can only get it from putting the time in.

Experience is what you get from an established company like Envision Online that has over 500 web sites to its name. Since 1999 Envision Online has been designing and developing web sites that work for businesses and non-profit organizations alike.

It's All About the Team

When hiring a web site provider, the challenge for most business owners is to evaluate companies in an industry that is constantly changing. How do you make sure you future proof your website? How do you ensure your data is safe? How do you know what new solution will work for your business?

These are the kinds of ongoing challenges that require information across multiple disciplines to solve. It requires a team that's seen it all: a team that knows how to react when a security patch is needed and what types of patches work. A team that knows what converts better on e-commerce sites. A team that knows before the latest web browser is launched how it will affect websites.

That's the team you'll be working with when you hire Envision Online.

Your Needs Determine the Design

Envision Online believes that it is just as important to know how different business models work as it is to know how to design or program. It is critical to understand the problems that businesses and associations face, and adapt designs and functionality accordingly. After all, if your site doesn't work for your users, they'll go elsewhere.

Technology Experience

Envision works with the following technologies and techniques:

Languages and Technologies:

icon_asp.jpg icon_jquery.jpg icon_html.jpg icon_sql.jpg

icon_csharp.jpg icon_css.jpg icon_asp30.jpg icon_soap.jpg

icon_mvc.jpg icon_html5.jpg icon_xml.jpg icon_xslt.jpg

icon_ajax.jpg icon_flash.jpg icon_php.jpg

Design and Project Management:

icon_ux.jpg icon_hi_lo.jpg icon_agile.jpg icon_waterfall.jpg


Social Media:

icon_twitter_text.jpg icon_facebook_text.jpg icon_linkedin.jpg icon_youtube_text.jpg

icon_flickr_text.jpg icon_google.jpg icon_mailchimp.jpg icon_blogs.jpg

Onlne Tools:

icon_wordpress.jpg icon_sugar.jpg icon_analytics.jpg icon_seo.jpg

icon_moodle.jpg icon_env_cms.jpg icon_env_comm.jpg

Certifications and Memberships:

cert_microsoft.jpg cert_umbraco.jpg cert_rgd.jpg mem_ocri.jpg

cert_analytics.jpg cert_sempo.jpg mem_html.jpg

Envision's Business Model Experience

Envision has full understanding and experience with the following business models:

  • Insurance/Financial Sales Agent/Broker
  • Insurance/Financial Franchise
  • Retail/Brick and Mortar
  • Real Estate Broker/Agent
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Commercial Construction
  • Home Construction / Renovations
  • Local/Regional/National Fundraising Campaigns
  • Not-for-Profit Associations
  • Charitable Foundations
  • Doctor/Dentist/Chiropractor/Specialist and Professionals
  • Education and School Boards
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Recreational/Entertainment Facility
  • Online Retail Sales
  • Subscription Based Online Only Sales
  • Plumbers

Previous Websites We Have Built

Here are some of our previous websites we have built: