Sweet Liberty!

What if you had the freedom to update your web site whenever you want?
With an Envision CMS, you don't need to know any programming to enjoy complete independence!


You know what your site users want: current, clear information that serves their needs. They want to see something new every time they come to your site. The ability to adapt your site over time gives your Envision CMS-powered website a longevity that other sites just don't have. If you've been relying on technical assistance to update your site for you, then you're ready to step into the better world that Envision can provide.

Envision uses the Umbraco CMS for websites, customizing it to meet your needs. Our clients love Umbraco because it is very clean, modern and easy to use. Nothing interferes with gettting the content to your users.

Meet Umbraco, the Friendly CMS

Take a look at some Envision CMS sites:

From a Recent Client

"Since we got our new site, we are independent and empowered to make continuous changes to the site!

Envision took time to listen to what we needed and delivered a site that looks great and is easy to manage.

We can keep our site up-to-date without having to do a lot of unnecessary extra work, or waiting for anyone else. Envision delivered what they promised, when they promised it and can be counted on to give ongoing support."

Marion Agnew and Dr. Kelly Milne, RGPEO (Client since 2010)

Read More From Our Clients

Envision + CMS: A Long, Beautiful Love Affair

Envision Online created one of Ottawa's first online Content Management Systems back in 2000. After installing the Envision Web Panel system on over 200 websites and talking with clients over the long term, Envision grew in understanding of what clients like you really need from a web site. That knowledge was built into our next-generation solution, the Envision Umbraco CMS.

Umbraco can be customized to meet any need. It's not your usual CMS, which makes it difficult to find pages or needs html tags when you enter text. It's built to play well with others and combines ease with flexibility. For example, it can integrate within your Microsoft Network - you can even update it directly from Microsoft Word!

You Have the Power

Every Envision Umbraco CMS-driven web site gives you:

  • An easy-to-use interface that is very similar to Microsoft Word, and that generates W3C compliant HTML code for you.
  • A designer's eye on every page: a consistent, custom-designed set of text styles that you can apply as needed, that keeps your pages looking polished and together.
  • The ability to expand your site and keep it current by adding, editing, or deleting pages.
  • The flexibility to add images, Links, PDFs, videos, and Flickr galleries to any content page.
  • Total SEO control: update the SEO meta information on every page, and keep up with changing trends.
  • A chance to avoid embarrassing errors by seeing what pages look like before they go up on your site (AKA "staging").
  • The ability to create unlimited users, and assign permissions - for example, some users could potentially only edit certain pages, or some could only save, while others could make changes live.
  • The chance to go back in time and undo any change, or even permanently rollback to a previous version.

A training manual and personal training session (at Envision or via screen-sharing and phone) ensures you are ready to fly when your new site goes live.

Let us give you wings.

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