Meet Umbraco - The Friendly, Flexible CMS

Back in 2000, a young developer had an idea: to build the world’s friendliest CMS on the Microsoft platform. He wanted something stable, secure and scalable: the result became Umbraco. Designed to be an extremely stable, secure and scalable open source content management system (CMS), Umbraco is equally friendly to use for developers, designers and content managers alike.

Envision has built over 150 websites with the Umbraco CMS since 2008 and it’s Envision’s preferred CMS for many reasons. Here’s a brief look at Umbraco - we’re certain you’ll fall in love with it too!

  • 100% open source - no licensing fee!
  • CMS Wire described it as one of the leading open source content management systems.
  • In the top 5 most popular downloads for the Microsoft Web Platform.
  • Highly secure compared to other open source content management systems.
  • Highly scalable and can connect via web services to CRMs, payment providers and other web applications.
  • Enterprise-grade solution running on Microsoft and MS SQL Server

Over 140,000 websites (and more daily) run on Umbraco including brands like:

Umbraco Brands

Umbraco Highlight Reel:

Create Content Easily

Not all content management systems are created equal - that’s why we leverage the power and flexibility of Umbraco to give you the most easy to use CMS around. Just click create add your text, rich content and videos. It’s as easy as using MS Word!

Become Best Friends With Google and Facebook

Our websites get better rankings with Umbraco CMS - every page on your site can be configured to achieve top Google placement. You can also configure how you want page links to look when shared on Facebook. Our sites can even communicate with Facebook’s Open Graph.

Finally, Your Pages Will Do What You Want Them To

Content is King, but your content could be a disaster if it isn't in the right page layout. Choosing an appropriate layout is easy with our document type selector: just click, choose what you want from a menu, provide a name and you’re good to go! You can even schedule when the page gets published, and when (or if) it disappears.

Would You Like One Language or Ten?

It’s important to be able to provide your content to your target audiences in their mother tongue. Umbraco can easily handle additional languages like French, and even additional character sets for languages like Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic - and dozens more. Your site users will easily be able to access their language of choice, and keeping the content organized in the CMS is very intuitive!

Power To Publish... No Techies Required

Need to change the order of your main navigation or put a page in a more appropriate section of the site? No problem. Our simple drag and drop sort features let you take control. You can even make copies of pages if you need them! Best of all, Umbraco easily handles unique CMS access accounts, so different team members can be restricted to certain pages or permissions, like making edits VS publishing.

Got Members? Provide Login-Protected Pages

Expand your membership by offering them unique, members-only content that is password protected. You can have as member member groups as you need, and assign unique page collections to each. Large member lists can be imported from Excel, and members can self-manage their account access through password retrieval and change password features, saving staff time.

Umbraco Plays Well With Others Too!

Flexible integration with today’s most popular applications and technologies like:

Umbraco Third Party

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