There's Nothing Like a Perfect Fit

Some organizational challenges require a bespoke solution. If you've ever thought, "If I only had an online tool that would let my customers…", then you're in need of some custom web application advice.

Envision Online has been creating custom solutions for the web since 1999, and has the experience to handle all aspects of your custom application development. The Envision Apps division, formed in 2010, was created to specialize in custom development. The Envision Apps team has a special understanding of the requirements of custom development, especially when complex tasks need to be simplified for the everyday site user.

Custom Programming the Agile Way

If your project requires fully custom programming, then your project management process should be programming-friendly. The Agile methods were first created by software developers specifically for the unique needs of custom programming. What is the most central of these needs? Flexibility.

You may believe that you need things to look or act in a certain way, build to meet those needs, only to realize once it's done that there's a lot that should change. Agile methods centre around the idea that instead of planning everything in advance, the best way to go is to build a small piece, check it, adjust it until it's right, and then move on to the next piece. The flexibility is built in, because you are constantly reevaluating, and you don't have a lot of time invested in an up-front plan.

Envision Online uses Agile techniques in its custom development to ensure that you get what your site users really need. Read more about how we build.

Custom Web Development Examples

Group buy system with management for Kahoot
Product configuration tool for Canvas Pop
Reusable multiple event management system for Ride the Dragon dragonboat festival
Multi-Newspaper generation system for EMC news
Multi-stage tax savings donation calculator for CNCF/Advisors With Purpose
... and onwards: Product configuration tool for DNA11


From a Recent Client

"Envision is an excellent supplier who provides creative and strategic thinking in addition to a great product. I have worked with Todd and his team on at least 6 different projects and have been more than satisfied with each result. He listens and he delivers! You can't ask for better than that."

Jan Kupecz, CNCF/Advisor's with Purpose (Formerly with BrazeauSeller)

He listens and he delivers!
 CNCF/Advisor’s with Purpose (Formerly with BrazeauSeller)Jan Kupecz


When 'Off the Rack' Fits Just Right

It's a big world out there, and there are lots of smart people in it. The tool that you need might already be available. Envision Online keeps its ear to the virtual ground, and looks for new technologies and solutions every day. If what you need is available as a third-party solution, we'll let you know. We may be able to change it to suit your needs for a fraction of the time and cost of building
from scratch.

Talk to us about your idea.

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