The Right Skill Set + Experience + Effective Planning + a Collaborative Working Environment

Envision has always known that a successful web application or web site project is based on this formula.

Skill Set and Experience

Envision's team members are professionally trained experts in their fields. Most have over a decade's worth of valuable experience under their belts as well - our low turnover rate means that most of this experience was earned under Envision's roof!

A learning-centred commitment to continuous improvement ensures that Envision is always on top of its game. Ongoing certifications testing heightens the level of understanding that each member of our team has in their chosen field.

As a company, Envision has been building web sites and web applications since 1999- that's well over a decade's worth of knowledge building that is at your service with every project.

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The Envision Development Life Cycle (EDLC) Adaptive Process

The EDLC is a project management process that has been over ten years in the making. While it is customized for every project, the five phases are:


Over the years, the EDLC has evolved into the right combination of thoroughness and flexibility.

Our Project Managers re-evaluate the EDLC from the beginning of every project, and decide what aspects of the process need to be tailored to your needs.  All of our projects start with us listening to you, because your business goals will drive the decision making.

Envision doesn't stick to one formula, and give you cookie-cutter results: as your site will be customized to your goals, so too is the methodology. The EDLC is more than a way to stay organized, it's a way to incorporate the power of Agile project management practices, User Experience design, Information Architecture, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Strategy.

Going Agile For Great Results

When it comes to creating custom software, few approaches succeed like the Agile methods. Agile project management is an iterative approach: build a small piece, confirm it works, and then build another. When your project is a journey into new territory, it's best to take it one step at a time! It's a great way to ensure that you get what you really need, rather than what you think you need at one point in time.

Envision's EDLC has learned the lessons that the Agile methods have to teach. For anything that is heavily customized (and therefore at least a little unknown), we segue into an Agile sub-project.

If your project is a custom web application, the entire project may be managed using Agile approaches. This allows you to leverage Envision's experience, while opening yourself up to new possibilities.

User Experience (UX) Based Usability Design

User Experience is the moment-to-moment and cumulative perceptions and reactions someone feels when interacting with a product.

UX-based usability design requires the knack of putting yourself in the shoes of your customer. Learning to see the world through their eyes allows you to understand their needs. You just can't give them what they're looking for without it. What the user sees and when they see it need to be carefully crafted, and balanced with the fundamentals of good visual design.

Information Architecture

Your site or application needs to look clean, modern and uncluttered, but still informative to your users. It needs to be easy to navigate, and not have information buried too deeply to find. How is this achieved?

Translating your organization's information into an effective online experience for your users requires outstanding Information Architecture skills. Envision has over 11 years in guiding clients on how to organize web sites and web applications so that users find what they need intuitively.


Content Strategy Coaching

Content strategy is the art of connecting your site users with meaningful online information. This field involves getting your users to helpful information, and how that information is presented. It requires that you get into the heads of your users and give them what they need - so you can get what you need.

If your team is writing the content that the world will see on your web site, you will need some guidance. Envision Online, as part of its EDLC web development process, will include:

  • Analysis of who your site users are and what they're looking for
  • Review of your competitors' strategies (optionally available)
  • Full explanation of what works and what doesn't work on Google
  • An SEO keyword list to work into your copy
  • Guidance on how to format your text for maximum comprehension and retention

Collaboration Gets It Done Right

Envision understands that building collaboration into a project as much as possible will ensure great results. Collaboration is the foundation of the Envision studio layout: developers, designers and project managers all work in an open-concept environment to ensure effective communication.

When you work with Envision, you become part of the team. Envision project managers enjoy sharing their knowledge and love of the web, so any questions you have are a welcome chance to talk shop! Keeping you informed and listening to you throughout the development process ensures total success for your project.

How We Communicate

Envision Online has many years of experience with a variety of distance communication tools - including screen sharing and Skype. We've had plenty of time to adapt our processes so that communicating with clients outside of Ottawa is as smooth as if they were down the street. Envision Online regularly works with clients in other countries and other time zones - even on the other side of the world!


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